Mold Remediation, Removal & Mold Inspection in Morehead City, NC

Water Stains on Your Ceilings or Walls & Musty Smells From Your Basement Can Be A Sign Of Mold. For Mold Remediation in Morehead City, Contact Atlantic Restoration

Comprehensive Mold Inspections & Mold Removal in Morehead City, NC

The temperature and humidity levels in Morehead City are great for relaxing on the coast, however it’s also a great climate for mold growth. Mold isn’t easy to detect and can be hard to get rid of if you aren’t a professional. Because it often grows in areas that don’t see a lot of traffic, such as your basement or crawl space, you can have mold issues and not be aware of them. If you start to notice musty smells in your home or if you see water stains growing on your walls or ceilings, these can both be signs of mold growth. If you need a mold inspection or have found mold and need mold removal, Atlantic Restoration provides both mold inspections and mold remediation in Morehead City NC.

Morehead City Mold Remediation & Mold Inspections

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation in Morehead City, What’s the Difference?

You may have had a mold issue in your home before, but were not able to get rid of it entirely using store bough mold removal products. Maybe it got rid of the mold, but within a few weeks the mold had come back. This is because mold removal products are great at getting rid of mold, but they don’t address the source of the mold growth. When you have mold growing in your home, there is a good chance that you have a moisture or humidity issue in your home, perhaps there was water damage in the past that wasn’t addressed. Whatever the cause of the mold, when you hire a professional mold remediation company in Morehead City, like Atlantic Restoration, we will hunt out the source of the mold and fix it before removing the mold that has grown in your home. This will allow you to breathe easier knowing that the mold will not come back again. When you need comprehensive mold remediation in Morehead City, contact Atlantic Restoration at 800-517-2740 or contact us online for a free mold removal assessment.

Mold Damage Repair in Morehead City, NC

Because mold can grow throughout your home, inside your crawlspace, walls, and under the floors, there is a chance that the mold in your home can cause physical damage to your home. It’s also possible that to remove the mold, our Morehead City mold remediation experts may have had to cause damage to get at the mold. The good news is, we are a full service restoration company and we are able to repair any damage caused by the mold and we will never create damage to your home without repairing it during a job. Our team is IICRC certified and fully licensed, so we have the ability to also repair any past water damage that may have been the source of the mold growth to begin with. If you have mold growing in your home or business, you want a company that does more than just mold removal, you want a full service, comprehensive mold remediation company. Atlantic Restoration is on call to provide mold inspections, mold removal, mold damage repair and mold remediation in Morehead City. Call us at 800-517-2740 or contact us online for a free mold assessment.

Choose Atlantic Restoration For Comprehensive Mold Remediation Morehead City, NC

Mold growing in your home can be a health hazard and it can damage your home as well. Don’t try to perform mold removal yourself, hire a company that provides comprehensive mold remediation in Morehead City. Atlantic Restoration provides mold removal & mold inspections for both residential and commercial clients in Morehead City, NC. We will find the source of the mold and remove it so that the mold wont grow back. By the time we’re done, you wont be able to tell that there was a mold issue to begin with. As a full service restoration company, we also offer crime clean up, ceiling & roof leak water damage repair, water damage restoration, fire damage clean up, board up & tarp placement services, storm damage repair, flood damage restoration, septic backup repair & sewage backup repair, and more. We offer these services throughout our service area which includes: Emerald Isle, Havelock, Shalotte, Wilmington, Swansboro, Topsail Beach (Surf City), Carolina Beach, Jacksonville, Beaufort, Beaulaville, Atlantic Beach, Newport, New Bern, Burgaw, Morehead City, and Beyond. We are always on call to provide mold inspections, mold remediation & mold damage repair in Morehead City, call 800-517-2740 or contact us online.