Sewage Backup Repair & Sewage Backup Cleanup In Jacksonville, Wilmington & Beyond
Atlantic Restoration of Wilmington provides sewage backup cleanup & repair services in coastal North Carolina. We will clean up & sanitize your sewage backup before providing sewage backup repair in Jacksonville, Wilmington & the Coast

Sewage Backup Cleanup Jacksonville NC, Wilmington NC & Beyond

When you need 24/7 emergency water damage services like sewage backup cleanup & sewage backup repair in Wilmington & Jacksonville, you can count on Atlantic Restoration. Sewage backup can happen any time day or night and can contain viruses, pathogens, bacteria, and other contaminants that are hazardous to handle. Raw sewage is also hard to clean, smells bad, and in general is a disgusting mess that should best be left to professional sewage backup technicians. If you are experiencing a sewage backup emergency, get in touch with Atlantic Restoration of Wilmington and we will be on site quickly, to clean up the raw sewage and begin the process of repairing damage it may have caused.

Sewage backup cleanup Wilmington NC

Sewage Spill Cleanup & Sewer Backup Repair in Wilmington & Jacksonville

When you contact our team, we will send out a rapid response sewer backup restoration team who should arrive at your location quickly. As soon as they are on site, they will find the source of the sewage back up and work to repair it so the sewage stops spilling out into your home. Because sewage contains hazardous materials, we will also set up a physical and chemical barrier to stop the sewage from spilling into unaffected areas of your home. Once we have the raw sewage contained, we will begin removing the raw sewage and using hospital grade chemicals & sanitizing solutions to make sure that there is no disease lingering around, but is safe for people & animals. Once the area has been thoroughly sanitized, we will begin repairing any damage caused by the raw sewage. Of course, if the sewage has seeped into porous building materials, we may need to replace it and some damaged items may need to be destroyed if they can not be repaired safely. However, we make sure to take note of any items that are a total loss so you can get compensated for them on your insurance claim. If you want comprehensive sewage & septic backup cleanup & repair services in Wilmington & the coast, contact Atlantic Restoration at 800-517-2740, 24 hours a day.

Our Sewage & Septic Backup Cleanup Guarantee

Atlantic Restoration of Wilmington is on call 24/7 for sewage & septic backup cleanup & repair. When we come to your home we will completely rid your home of any and all raw sewage and the dangerous pathogens contained therein. We employee IICRC certified professional water damage technicians who are trained to stop the source of the problem, remove excess sewage that has accumulated, clean & sanitize, and repair the areas of your home that were affected by the sewage backup. Upon the completion of our service, we will even work with you & your insurance company to make sure that your claim has all of the necessary documentation to get you compensated. No matter how big the sewage or septic back up is, Atlantic Restoration of Wilmington is on call to help!


Contact Atlantic Restoration of Wilmington for septic backup & sewage backup repair & cleanup services. We know that sewage backup can happen at any time, that’s why we are on call 24/7, so we can respond quickly and stop the sewage backup from spreading and causing more damage. We provide commercial & residential sewage backup cleanup & repair services to customers in: JacksonvilleMorehead City, Carolina Beach, Shallotte, Swansboro, Atlantic Beach, Topsail Beach (Surf City), Burgaw, New Bern, Beaulaville, Newport, Beaufort,  Emerald IsleHavelock, Wilmington, & beyond. Call us 24/7 for a free estimate on sewage & septic backup cleanup & repair at 800-517-2740 or contact us online.