Mold Removal & Mold Remediation
In Wilmington, Jacksonville, Beaufort & The NC Coast

Mold Remediation Services in Wilmington & Jacksonville

When you have mold growing in your home or business, it can cause serious issues to your health and it can even damage your property. If you suspect you have mold growing in your home or if you have seen visible mold growth, Contact Atlantic Restoration of Wilmington. We are the trusted name for mold inspections, testing, and mold remediation in Jacksonville, Beaufort, Wilmington & Beyond. Our goal is to find the source of the mold and repair that issue so that the mold doesn’t come back again once it has been removed. We will check the moisture & humidity levels in your home to make sure they aren’t at levels that promote mold growth. If the mold was caused by a current or old water damage issue, we can provide water damage repair service as well. For comprehensive mold remediation in Wilmington, contact Atlantic Restoration.

mold testing mold remediation Wilmington NC

Mold Testing & Removal in Wilmington

When our mold remediation technicians come on site to your home, we will perform a number of different mold inspection and testing services. By sampling the mold, we can determine exactly what kind of mold infestation you have, so we can develop a good strategy for getting rid of it. If our testing does locate mold growth, we will use power mold removal solutions to get rid of existing mold. These powerful chemicals, coupled with our state-of-the-art mold removal equipment is safe for you, your family, and pets, so you don’t need to worry additional health issues. Before we will finish our mold remediation job, we make sure to retest your home to check for excess moisture and when we determine there is none, you can breathe easier knowing that your home is mold free!

Mold Damage Repair in Wilmington & The Coast

The final step of our process of mold remediation in Wilmington, Jacksonville & at the coast, is to make sure we repair your property. Because mold can damage your building materials, stain your walls and ceilings, and cause other damage to your home, we make sure that it gets fixed before we leave. This can mean serious work like replacing floorboards, drywall, carpet, or ceiling tiles. It can also be as simple as paint services or reapplying wallpaper. We want you to know that as long as we are providing you with our comprehensive mold remediation services, that your home will be restored to the condition it was in before you had mold growing in your home.


Call 800-517-2740 or contact us online if you need mold testing or mold remediation in Wilmington or the rest of our service area, which includes: Jacksonville, Havelock, Beaulaville, Burgaw, Swansboro, Topsail Beach, Morehead City, Carolina Beach, Shallotte, Beaufort, New Bern, Newport, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and Wilmington. We are on call 24/7 and also provide a number of other disaster restoration services, such as fire damage repair, storm damage cleanup, and water damage restoration in Wilmington & the Coast of NC.